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International Journal of Engineering Research and Industrial Applications (IJERIA) is a referred reviewed periodical journal. This journal also welcomes survey papers that stimulate research in Basic engineering, Engineering sciences and allied areas. We would like to invite you to submit manuscripts of your original research papers, for possible publication in IJERIA.

The Journal of Engineering Research and Industrial Applications is an international journal published by Ascent Publication, Pune, India, Bi-monthly; it aims to publish original research papers devoted to wide areas of various disciplines of engineering and their applications in industry. This Journal is basically devoted to Interdisciplinary research in Engineering and Technology, which can improve the present methods and technology being used in Industry. The real-life problems involve multi-disciplinary knowledge, and thus strong inter-disciplinary approach is the need of the Research.

The principal role of Engineering are related to the solution of real-life problems, whether in Industry or in R & D Labs, exposure and intimacy with the experimental and practical aspects of Engineering are expected to be highlighted in the research.  The emphasis is on originality, quality, and importance. Dr.S.M.Khairnar, Gold medalist, Dean (R & D) is the Principal Editor and Editorial Board includes Researchers, Scientists and Engineers from India, Singapore, Pakistan, USA, London, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, Australia, Finland, Poland, Netherlands and Japan.

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